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UFC 75 Conference Call Notes

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I'm logged into the call now. I'll update this post when I have my notes compiled.

Update [2007-8-30 13:35:23 by Luke Thomas]:: Dan Henderson had a baby girl last night.


Update [2007-8-30 14:36:57 by Luke Thomas]:: UFC 75 Conference Call Notes

1. Dana says he likes giving the fans good fights for free. This one will be on Spike TV, but with a tape delay.

2. Dana says he’s been meeting with Fedor’s management for months so even though they are in town to sign a deal, "who knows what will happen."

3. Again, Dana reminds callers this is the first time title fighters from Pride and UFC have fought each other. Once Fedor signs on, they’ll know for sure who the best fighter in the world is.

4. Both Rampage and Henderson believe this fight will be a war.

5. Bisping says he doesn’t really hate Matt Hamill, but "I’m not too keen on the guy." Hamill responds by saying Bisping doesn’t bother him very much.

6. Dana says the UFC is fan-friendly. Says boxing got greedy and that the only boxers you see on television are the ones you don’t care about. He says that will not happen in the UFC.

7. Henderson says he believes he has better wrestling credentials than Jackson and that despite Rampage’s explosiveness, he’s actually better on the ground. Says he does not see this fight going the distance, although he is prepared to do so.

8. Dana says the Ultimate Fight Night’s are to showcase The Ultimate Fighter participants and new talent signed.

9. Dana says its better UFC 75 won’t be live so people won’t tune in at the wrong time like they did for UFC 72.

10. Rampage says preparing as a champion isn’t different than preparing as a challenger because "you can’t fight with the belt on." Says he’s training for Henderson in much the same way he trained for Matt Lindland. Says Henderson has a great right hand. Henderson adds that preparing for anyone at the top is difficult and that Rampage is tough "all the way around."

11. Henderson says he hasn’t put much thought into what weight class he’ll be fighting in after this fight. Says he’d rather not cut weight. Says bigger opponents don’t bother him.

12. Dana says Babalu is cut from his UFC contract. Says it’s the fight game and anything could happen, but that had he had an arm, knee, or ankle he’d never fight in the sport again. Says even though he was a fan favorite, fans turned on him and says he made a big mistake.

13. Dana says he’s not sure if Henderson would fight Anderson Silva immediately if he dropped to 185lbs. Says he’d probably give him one fight at middleweight first.

14. Rampage says he wants the Pride belt badly, but adds that he’d rather have taken it from Wanderlei than Henderson.

15. Dana says after this fight they’ll be getting rid of the Pride 205lbs belt. With respect to the lightweight title picture, says he still has no clue what to do.

16. Henderson says that even though he sparred with Rampage years ago, there’s nothing he can look back on that will help him in this fight. Rampage says life hasn’t really changed since becoming champion because he hasn’t really had much time off between training cycles.

17. Rampage says training at Big Bear "went excellent." Says Bisping, Brandon Vera, and Cheik Kongo were all out there. Says he was still in shape from the Liddell fight, so he didn’t have to start all over. Says Henderson is tough, very unpredictable. Says he’s looking out for his guillotine and ankle lock, but that really, he’s strong in everything.

18. Rampage says he’s been in England already for two weeks and that he’s taking this fight more seriously than any fight he’s ever had. Also says the call from the UK was expensive.

19. Bisping says it’s great to fight at home. Hamill says he’s only worried about Bisping’s kicks, that’s it.

20. Dana says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do with Pride. Says, "It’s been an absolute nightmare." Claims the last thing I want to do is bury it and see it die because it is such a big brand. Says those Pride fighters need fights, so he’s bringing them over for now. Says Zuffa realizes now more than that "Japan is tough to navigate through."

21. Dana says new season of The Ultimate Fighter (season 6) is as good or better than last season. Says Hughes and Serra do not get along.

22. Dana says the UFC is doing 5 shows in the span of a month because "we’re out of our minds."


24. Again with respect to Pride, Dana says, "I didn’t pay for the thing to bury it." Says "we’re lucky to rent office space" in Japan. Says there is still no television deal, no timetable.

25. Rampage says beating Chuck didn’t really boost his confidence because he knew he was going to beat him. Says he’s 100% confident that in every fight he’s going to be hard to beat.

26. Rampage says he knew Henderson was going to KO Wanderlei Silva because Henderson hits very hard and that "Silva’s brains were still scrambled" from his KO loss to CroCop. Also says Wanderlei couldn’t "juice" like he wanted. Says it was a great fight by Dan, but that it wasn’t the same Wanderlei he fought.

27. Rampage says fighting in the octagon is like riding a bike. Says being in a cage won’t affect Henderson either.

28. Rampage says an hour before the fight he’s the same person, but that once he walks out to the ring he’s a different person, different animal.

29. Henderson says if he can beat anyone at 205lbs, then it makes no sense to cut weight. He also says the fighters at 205lbs are a bigger challenge than the fighters at 185lbs.

30. Dana says he can’t talk about the terms of the deal – that is still not signed – with Spike TV.

31. Dana says – with some hesitation after being asked – that Ryo Chonnan has not been signed to the UFC. Says Randy Couture could very well fight again on Superbowl weekend.

32. Dana says he’s been trying to do Pride vs. UFC fights for a long time. Says its not really about unifying the belts, it’s about the best fighters fighting each other. Says he’s sick of talk.

33. Says this champion versus champion fight started out being Chuck vs. W, but turned into Rampage vs. Henderson. Says, remember – Chuck and Wanderlei were the top dogs for years and that Rampage and Henderson KO’ed them both. Says this fight is huge and "it doesn’t get much better than that."

34. Dana says the options for who’s going to be Couture’s next opponent are wide open. Says the UFC’s been criticized for it’s thin heavyweight division, but that now there are a lot of contenders.

35. In regards to Josh Barnett’s comments about Randy Couture being a "paper champion" Dana White says, "Nobody gives a shit about Josh Barnett, especially me.

36. Dana says Wanderlei will fight in December, but they’re not sure against who.

37. With respect to Brock Lesnar, Dana says "we’ve signed lots of guys who’ve had one fight." Says he doesn’t take the WWE guys seriously, but that he takes Lesnar serious. Says he’s a great wrestler who can adapt.

38. Dana says he’s not sure who’s going to get the winner of Rampage vs. Henderson.

39. Dana says Denis Kang is a very talented fighter, but not a "big star" coming out of Pride.

40. Henderson says he doesn’t care if he gets another fight with Wanderlei, he just wants to fight the top guys.

41. Matt Hamill says he’s been training his striking a lot with a 3x national golden gloves champion.