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Another Boxing Cop-Out

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I agree with two basic premises: first, MMA and boxing are related, but ultimately very different sports.  Two, unless competing under strict boxing guidelines, the MMA fighter should generally be the favorite in a fight with a boxer.

What I don't agree with is the idea that the sports are so different that comparison becomes meaningless.  The boxing lobby, on the other hand, does and issues this faulty logic to diffuse criticism of their very beloved sport:

As a lifelong boxing fan and one who has watched kickboxing and Muay Thai, as well as the UFC since it first came into prominence in the early '90's, I'm here to say that the boxer vs. the MMA fighter is a pointless one. Outside of a similar purpose of trying to beat an opponent, these two sports have little else in common.

The fact is that most boxers or boxing enthusiasts believe a boxer should be able to defeat any sort of combat athlete.  I've been reading in Sam Sheridan's book a story of a boxing trainer who believed he'd figured out the weakness of Thai boxing and thought his boxers would be able to dispatch with the best Siam has to offer.

I could go into a lengthy diatribe of why that's preposterous, but instead I'll just post this video: