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My Brock Larson Interview

It's up over at MMA Madness.  I can only post a small snippet here, so I offer Larson' thoughts on being a wrestler yet training with the gi.  Notable quote:

MMA Madness: So do you train with the gi?

Brock Larson: I do a lot of gi training still, yes.

MMA Madness: How many times a week would you say you train in the gi?

Brock Larson: At least three.

MMA Madness: That's actually a lot for a wrestler. Do you believe the gi helps your MMA game?

Brock Larson: Absolutely. I think every fighter is athletic and they're probably one of the most athletic fighters in their gym. I'm probably the best athlete in two of the three gyms I compete at or train at. So what the gi does is force you to take the athleticism out of it and forces you to be more technical because if you get your arm in trouble you can't just athletically pull it out or just slip out of it. You put your arm in trouble with the gi on, the guy's got a handle and got ahold of it, and he usually bends you arm. So, it's in your best interest to not put your arm in trouble ever. You get good habits of staying out of trouble, passing the guard correctly, not just flying through uncontrolled. And just controlling your opponent better. That's my view on it. I think the technical aspect helps me.