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Japanese Journeymen Headed to the UFC?

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Interesting speculation from Samurai Nation about three journeymen fighters from Japan adjusting their fighting weight to fit the UFC's weight classes (forgive the bad engrish):

many japan fighter will be weigtdown and fight in underclass



GONO Akihiro

They says"To say the truth,80-83kg weightclass is not adequate.I will fight 77kg class"

PRIDE Bushido limit is 83kg,So They accept this zone,but They focus in USA promotion.

Many promotions have 77kg class,They will challenge in this class

Basically, the three fighters are training to fight at 170 pounds which is the UFC Welterweight class. Misaki (18-8-2) is the highest rated fighter -- currently ranked #8 by MMA Weekly at middleweight (185lbs). But honestly I feel he's pretty over-rated despite his decision wins over Dan Henderson and Dennis Kang. Trigg crushed him and Paulo Fihlo didn't have too much trouble. BUT the prospect of Misaki cutting down to 170 and fighting in the UFC is pretty intriguing. He's a good submission fighter and always a gamer.

Ryo Chonan (14-7) is best known for landing a flying scissor heel hook on UFC Middleweight champ Anderson Silva. But he's had a pretty up and down run. Wins over Carlos Newton, Joey Villasenor, Hayuto Sakurai, and Roan Carneiro are offset by losses to Filho, Henderson and a KTFO at the hands of Baroni.

Akihiro Gono (27-12-7) is probably the least intriguing prospect. He's a gamer, but he's old and I think his best days are behind him. He's another Henderson KO victim, and has lost to Kang and Shogun. But here's a clip from his glory days, watch him get a KO over Ivan Salaverry with a spinning back kick to the body.

Regardless it'll be interesting to see if the UFC is going to be bringing in more Japanese talent. The Samurai Nation article hints at a more exciting possibility as well, is the best P4P fighter in the world headed our way?

"YAMAMOTO"kid"Nori also declare "I will fight in 60-65kg class"