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Party at Mark Hall's Place

Looks like old school UFC fighter Mark Hall runs a pretty loose ship with the wife and kids.

A Temecula woman and her two adult sons arrested last week on narcotics charges are suspected associates of a Murrieta psychiatrist who was arrested on suspicion of selling prescriptions for addictive drugs, police said.

Murrieta police Lt. Dennis Vrooman said Tuesday that Janine Keating Hall, 45, Saege Michael Hall, 18, and James Dylan Hall, 21, arrested Friday after their Temecula home was searched by police, received unlawful prescriptions from the doctor. They might also have been selling the drugs they received to others and referring potential clients to him, Vrooman said.

But it's not just drugs, there's a record of racial violence too.

The arrested Hall brothers are known to police. Their father, Mark Hall, is a well-known former ultimate fighting champion.

Both Saege and Dylan Hall were convicted in connection with a 2003 racial attack on a black student at Murrieta Valley High School. A judge ordered Saege Hall, then 14, to serve several months in juvenile hall for felony assault and injuring someone because of race, a misdemeanor. The prosecution in the case had also tried unsuccessfully to remove Saege from his family.

Dylan Hall pleaded guilty to making racial threats in an argument that took place just before the attack and was given six months probation. Since then, he has been convicted of several other crimes including theft, drug possession, burglary and making terrorist threats, court records show.

Maybe Mark should hit up old rival Don Frye for some advice.

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