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More on Babalu

From MMA Weekly:

MMAWeekly spoke to Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer about the incident and he advised that they did hold the $25,000 win bonus from Sobral after the fight pending further investigation.

When MMAWeekly spoke to Kizer he had just received a tape from Zuffa with the footage of the Sobral/Heath fight. Kizer said after he reviews the film, he would then make a decision whether or not to file an incident report against Babalu for his actions.

If the incident is filed, Babalu will face a possible fine or suspension from the commission, although according to Kizer, he isn't likely to seek a suspension at this time.

Kizer did state that he spoke to Babalu and his manager after the fight and they advised him that from dealing with past experiences, a fighter should not release a hold based solely on his opponent tapping out. Although in this instance, it was clear that he held on past the time when referee Steve Mazzagatti tried to get him to release the choke and Babalu also referenced such in his post fight interview.

"I've got an issue with that," said Kizer regarding Babalu's post fight behavior.

Sorry, Sobral, but I'm not buying it.  Which is it:  you admit to holding the choke too long to teach him a lesson or you admit to holding the choke to avoid giving your opponent a reprieve?

If you choked him too long because you wanted to put him to sleep, just admit it.  Don't back track now because the people you pissed off are issuing you more than boos.