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Quote of the Day

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"I thought people who were working with a sports psychologist is because they were crazy or they were weak...That's what I thought before. But I was wrong.

"This guy really helped me. The mental part of the game. He changed the whole thing for me. He made me see things in a different way."

"...Athletes spend so much time training their body, training their skill. The most important part is their mind, and some people forget about it.

"If your mind is not there -- because of issues -- your body will not follow. Because your mind dictates your body." -- Georges St. Pierre

This is an important quote for two reasons.  One, it's an indication to me that GSP has his head screwed on tight and his priorities right where they should be.  

Two, can we let go of this bullshit notion that those who seek the advice of a mental health professional are somehow deranged?  There is such an incredibly unwarranted stigma about mental health issues in this counry (I can't speak for Canada).  People suffer in silence from a ridiculous taboo and we ridicule them further by asking, "What's wrong with you that you need a shrink?"  The answer: nothing.  Preserving mental health is an important part of every adult's life, particularly those that compete in stressful activities like professional mixed martial arts fighting.  

So let's dismiss the notion that something is "wrong" with GSP because he sought out the help of a sports psychologist.  He is no more weak or vulnerable than anyone else and, in fact, his recognition that he needed the assistance of a professional is indicative of a mature and thoughtful mindset.