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Mac Danzig Talks The Ultimate Fighter 6

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According to his blog, Mac Danzig claims he chose to do TUF 6 because PRIDE was done-sir-done.  Notable quote:

In May, I got sent to Las Vegas (almost out of the blue) to do an interview with Spike tv producers in a sort of casting call for the show... I wasn't into the idea at first, but when my manager informed me that Pride was not going to have an event any time in the foreseeable future, I realized that being on the show would be the best move for my MMA career at this point in time.

I was wondering why he accepted the offer as well and this response makes as much sense as any.

Danzig also dishes some dirt for the upcoming season, although he pulls back a little for legal reasons:

There was a TON of negativity in the situation and not alot of outlets for anything positive... Not being able to talk to my girlfriend or mother and not being able to take any photos, or even take a walk outside; were just a few of the sacrifices we all had to endure. - To be honest with you, I could care less about tv, phones, music, books, etc, - but when you take away personal freedom at the same time and confine someone to a house, a volatile situation is going to develop. And it sure did, lol.... It was a roller coaster of lows and highs from beginning to end. I met a few truly great people that I am proud to call friends and at the same time I met a few complete losers as well.

Again, I understand why Dana White did it, but the decision to fire Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas for engaging in a "street fight" does not represent ultimate justice.  They throw young men in a hellacious, pressuring environment with very little to no respite.  Oh yeah, and add alcohol.  It's not the least bit surprising "incidents" happen.