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The Incredible Striking of Clay Guida

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Scott Tuggle on the Underground forum captured this display of striking prowess from Clay Guida vs Marcus Aurelio.

Tuggle's breakdown is essential to understanding the nuance of Guida's technique:

What we have here is an example of using range and feinting.  This took place right before the first lesson.  Clay fakes a high five to a sucker right cross.  Then follows with a left hook and half of a right leg kick.  The secret to this combo was to target about 2 feet in front of your opponent.  This gets in his head.  By this time Clay has his opponent  thinking.."Does this guy really want to hit me?  Where am I?  Am I here or two feet in front of me?" The ensuing mental confusion allows Clay to move in to the correct distance and unleash his real attack while Aurelio ponders reality.