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Crazy Horse Gets No Love

From Larry Csonka at 411Mania commenting on the other event held Saturday night ShowXC which aired on Showtime:

The Fight: LIGHTWEIGHT BOUT - Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett (18-13-2) vs. Victor "Joe Boxer" Valenzuela (5-2-2)
The Result: Victor "Joe Boxer" Valenzuela via RD 1 (3:23) Tap due to Strikes
Larry's Enjoyment Index: 0.0
Final Thoughts: This was the "marquee" match of the evening, a match that was supposed to happen on PPV but Bennett got into legal trouble. He came out and right away was disrespectful as he laid down during introductions and they ignored the referee during the instructions. When the bout began he dropped Boxer and then tried to capitalize, but couldn't. From then on Boxer was in control. You couldn't tell at times if Bennett was faking hurt or was really hurt but he didn't look all there. Boxer eventually dropped him, got his back and as he started to land shots, Bennett tapped to strikes. He laid there as the doctor came to check on him, and then he jumped up and ran to the back, another sign of disrespect. Gary Shaw, Showtime and the XC organization should be ashamed of themselves. MMA is still fighting an uphill battle in the mainstream media, and while there are great stories like Randy Couture, and it is great and does a lot for the sport, thugs, and yes he IS a thug, thugs like Bennett really devalue the sport. Please sever all ties and never use this loser again. Charles Bennett is a piece of shit and everything MMA should NOT be.

Larry also has an overall review of the show:

The Overall:
Best Fight: HEAVYWEIGHT BOUT - David Huckaba (5-1) vs. Jon Murphy (3-2) 5.5
Worst Fight: LIGHTWEIGHT BOUT - Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett (18-13-2) vs. Victor "Joe Boxer" Valenzuela (5-2-2) 0.0
Show Score: 3.0
Final Thoughts: This show was a downgrade from the debut show. The video packages are still rough and cheap looking, and while I understand that this is a "low fighters league" for lack of a better term, that doesn't mean that you have to have cheap production. And that's what we had here again tonight; there is no excuse this time. I will say that I liked them using the larger ELITEXC cage, it looks much better and more "big time." As for the fights, two average fights, one bad fight, a horrible fight and an absolute abortion of a fight in total, and that is definitely enough for a big thumbs down here. There is no reason for you to catch a replay, move along, nothing to see here. Also, Charles Bennett is a piece of shit.

Update [2007-8-27 18:34:19 by Kid Nate]:

Just found video of the Crazy Horse fight. HT MMA HQ:

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