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Brock Attack

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Dana bragging:

Former WWE champion Brock Lesnar, known to wrestling fans as "The Next Big Thing", followed through on his promise to attend UFC 74. Lesnar said that he wanted to see the UFC heavyweight champion, Randy Couture, up close and person, but that was not the only reason Lesnar was in attendance.

Lesnar met with Dana White, who was very confident after his meeting with Lesnar.

"I am pretty much going to guarantee you right here that the UFC will get him," said White. "Lesnar should have started with us, but we'll be happy to have him."

When may the former collegiate All-American start with the UFC?

"We are all booked up through 2007, but we would like to have him start after the new year."

Here's Lesnar's sole MMA fight from this summer's K1 Heroes fiasco in Los Angeles.

Lesnar certainly has the athletic ability and wrestling foundation to be good at MMA. He'll also likely be a big PPV draw for UFC right out of the gate. Much like Tito Ortiz' and Ken Shamrock's pro wrestling fame drew new viewers to the ufc, so will Brock's. Expect lots of booing and moronic behavior from his fans.

Expect great hype from Lesnar, like we saw last week, the "smart" MMA fans are suckers for a good heel.