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What If This Randy Couture Shows Up?

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I love Randy. Huge fan. Watching him drub Tim "Swamp Thing" Sylvia was a thing of beauty. His wins over Tito, Chuck and Vitor were sweet as well.

But it seems like everyone is only remembering the good times, here's a typical example:

...I don't really need to do much analysis on Randy's game.  We all know that Randy will be ready and prepared with an excellent gameplan to attack Gonzaga.  Whether that plan will be to roll with Gabriel on the ground or stand with Gonzaga as he did against Sylvia really is unknown.  Whatever the method of attack I'm sure it will be well executed.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that Captain America is the of the most inconsistent fighter to ever earn being in the Hall of Fame.

He had a great gameplan against Liddell the first time, but did nothing to adjust in EITHER of their next two fights and paid the price. He's 15-8 because he's always been woefully inconsistent.

Here's a match from 1998 when he lost to Enson Inoue -- a top 10 fighter at the time but someone Couture should have beaten. He has been historically vulnerable to submissions as you will see here:

Now, Randy can win this fight -- IF the Randy that fought Sylvia shows up, but if the Randy that coasts into fights like Chuck II and III and doesn't mentally prepare shows up we'll have a new heavyweight champ.

And honestly, even if Randy does bring his "A" game, there's still a chance that Gonzaga will overwhelm him like Josh Barnett and Ricco Rodriguez did.