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Working An Angle

Brock Lesnar's recent burst of self-promotion is getting lots of response.

Fox Sports reporter Alex Marvez gets Dana and Randy's responses:

Another mixed martial arts heavyweight is stealing some of the spotlight from Saturday night's title fight between champion Randy Couture and challenger Gabriel Gonzaga on the "UFC 74: Respect pay-per-view show."

In an interview with the Web site, Brock Lesnar said he would be attending Saturday's event as a fan and insinuated he wanted to sign with UFC for a crack at Couture.

Couture and UFC President Dana White both seem interested in Lesnar, an NCAA champion wrestler who turned to MMA fighting after a successful stint in World Wrestling Entertainment.

As usual Dave Meltzer at Wrestling Observer explains the back story as only he can:

I don't know if Brock Lesnar has signed with UFC or not, but he's in Las Vegas for Saturday's fight and what he's doing is an angle and he and Dana White are on the same page. He's playing outsider heel, and apparently pretty well since some MMA folks who rip on wrestling fans for being stupid, are buying it. Randy Couture, who has his hands full right now, talked at the press conference yesterday saying he'd love the chance to fight Lesnar.

Judging by the response of Royal Burnell III at Kakutogi-Gumi, Brock's angle is working:

Brock Lesnar is nobody. He's trying to squeeze Dana for a contract and is using TNA, a second rate that prides itself on hiring wastes of time, occupational hazards and criminals rather then recognizing all the talent they could be promoting to actually advance the business.

Either way, I hope something bad happens to Brock. He's a blowhard musclehead who thinks he's important.

Update [2007-8-24 16:31:37 by Kid Nate]: The often astute Sam Caplan has a good observation on it too.

Apparently people are a little upset that Lesnar called out Randy Couture and believes that he can beat him. So what’s the big deal!?

Have people forgotten that Lesnar used to be involved with pro wrestling and has mastered the art of self-promotion? Have people forgotten that he’s a free agent right now in search of a big money deal?

Lesnar clearly wants to get his name in play so that he can start a bidding war for his services. He wants to be seen and heard. Going to UFC 74 is a great move because all the media types like me will be watching his every move like a stalker and reporting on it.

Calling out Couture is an ever better move. Brock can be a humble guy. Don’t believe me? Check out his comments in the last edition of FIGHT! where he does a brief interview. Calling out Couture is nothing personal, it’s just business.

What do you think grabs more headlines? If Lesnar says he wants to sign a six fight deal, go through a slow progression on his way towards a heavyweight title shot, and that he’d like to debut against Cheick Kongo? Or, if he calls out the champion and says he wants to fight him right away?