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America, Kos Yeah!

Ah the old red white and blue is really running in my veins this morning, so proud I am to have America represented by a fine specimen like Josh Koschek:

During a video interview on one site, Koscheck was talking about mistakes Matt Hughes made during his 2006 loss to St. Pierre.

Koscheck was critical of Hughes' decision to stand and trade punches with St. Pierre. He said, "Matt Hughes is slow, he's a farm boy and he's white. He has no speed and no athletic ability. He's a wrestler. Matt Hughes should just have been trying to take him down, take him down, take him down."

That prompted howls of outrage from fans across the Internet, who interpreted the observation as racially motivated. Koscheck is of mixed racial background, with Caucasian and African-American ancestry. Hughes is white.

Koscheck scoffed at the notion that he meant it racially, but did little to help improve his popularity when he lashed out at the critics.

"I'm racist? Yeah, that's a good one," Koscheck said. "First off, I'm more white than I am black. I was raised white. I'm the darkest (skinned) one in my family.

"It's a joke to think I'm racist or I meant those comments in that way. Here's something: I'm sick of those drunken, racist UFC idiot fans who say things like that."

Meanwhile here's how GSP represents our neighbor to the north:

Incidentally, he was wearing a very Canadian red and white pair of workout shorts. Georges told me he saw an interview that we did on Sportsnet Connected when he was at the airport, and that people were looking at him wondering who he was!

I told him "They knew who you were Georges, this country loves you." Now I don't know Georges St. Pierre personally but from how he treats me and other people, I think we have a darn good person and fighter representing Canada.

Ain't them canucks cute -- he said "darn."