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Would You Handcuff Kevin "the Monster" Randleman?

Let's say you're a Nevada cop and you pull someone over for going 91mph. Let's say it's this guy:

Here's what some Nevada cops did:

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department report obtained Tuesday by The Fight Network, a driver, later identified as Kevin C. Randleman, was clocked at 91 miles per hour by Officer E.A. Mulkey at approximately 8:43 AM PST on Aug. 16. Upon pursuit, the officer reported observing the vehicle swerving between lanes and nearly striking multiple vehicles.

The driver eventually slowed to a stop on the right shoulder of the highway, the report said. As Mulkey approached the driver's side of the vehicle, he noticed the driver slumping towards the steering wheel. He detected "a strong odor of alcohol," and Randleman appeared "confused and unsteady" when he exited the vehicle, according to the report.

Randleman was cooperative at first, the officer wrote, but pulled away upon being searched for weapons. "Due to the subject's size and physical condition," he was placed temporarily in handcuffs for safety reasons. When asked if he had been drinking, Randleman admitted he had consumed "some beers and mixed drinks," the report said.

Upon closer examination, Mulkey observed Randleman's eyes to be bloodshot and watery, his pupils dilated. The officer administered a field sobriety test and noticed a "white powdery" substance in and around Randleman's right nostril, according to the report. Randleman denied taking narcotics, Mulkey reported.

After he failed to produce valid identification, Randleman was placed under arrest and put into the back of Mulkey's patrol car. According to the report, Mulkey asked Randleman if the handcuffs were too tight, to which he replied, "They're fine." Randleman did not become upset until a responding officer searched his vehicle, the report said. However, he became increasingly violent during transport, according to the report.

Randleman later complained about numbness in his hands, at which point Mulkey again offered to adjust the handcuffs. The officer reported that Randleman threatened that "if I got near him he would head butt me and take me out." The report also indicated the former UFC champion said that the only reason he was in custody was because he was a big, black "N--r."

En route to the Clark County Detention Center, Randleman "began headbutting the transport cage, and bent one of the metal bars separating the plexiglass, no longer allowing the partition to fully close," the report said. Mulkey stated that Randleman slumped across the backseat following his final head butt. The 37-year-old then continued with racial remarks. According to the report, he told Mulkey "you have a bleeding black man in your car" and suggested the officer was responsible for his injuries. Randleman then kicked the rear door several times, the officer reported.

When Randleman arrived at the CCDC, he had to be restrained by several law enforcement officials. Mulkey reported that Randleman was subsequently informed of Nevada Implied Consent, which grants law enforcement the right to forcibly test subjects suspected of DUI. Randleman resisted the test, according to Mulkey's report, and a "force blood draw" was administered.

What would you do? Me, I'd handcuff and call for backups, a whole lot of backup.

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