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Pwnd by Sprawl'n Brawl

In response to my post the other day on MMA biz, Euthyphro lays the smack down on my dumb ass at Sprawl'nBrawl

To me, the article couldn't be more wrong on this point. I agree that it will take major sponsors before MMA truly grows as a business, but Sariahmed makes a major error in assuming that so-called "top" fighters in any particular division are also the "big name" fighters in those divisions. Take the examples he lists, Denis Kang and Matt Lindland. Sariahmed makes the argument that "fans will ask about dream match-ups against Lindland and Kang." Really? How do they know who these guys are? Kang and Lindland have had almost ZERO exposure in the US.

From now on, here's a general rule for anyone who thinks bringing in non-UFC top-10 fighters for co-promoted matchups is the key to getting the major sports advertisers to domestic MMA: if the advertisers have never heard of the guy you're proposing to bring in, they're not going to care enough to spend money to sponsor the fight.

Picture me rolling over and showing my belly. I've been pwned.

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