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Compare and Contrast

What Dana White has to say about how he treats fighters:

The fighters in the UFC are treated very well. You have to remember, this is a business like any other business. But we got into this particular business because we love it and care about it and we try to develop it and make it get better. I like most of the guys in the sport. They're my friends. We're not going to mistreat the fighters. I wouldn't mistreat a friend and so I won't mistreat my fighters. The only fighter I really don't like is Tito. And you should know that none of them are unhappy with us.
Then there's Dan Henderson's take:
This is a stressful time for the Henderson family. Henderson's wife, Alison, is pregnant with their third child. She is due to have a c-section next week, then Henderson will leave for England a day later on Sept. 3. The Henderson's moved Alison's c-section up a week, so Dan could be there for his wife. Henderson said he had asked for the fight to be held in November or even the Sept. 22 date at the Honda Center, but he said UFC president Dana White insisted the fight would have to be on Sept. 8. Henderson is the consumate professional, so he is dealing with the situation. Alison said she wished she could give her husband more attention and support like she has for his past fights.
Gee Dana, I'm sure you're right. Why would anyone not like you?

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