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Stevenson vs Pellegrino: Make Some Money off Bodog

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Now I don't gamble much but I do like to keep an eye on the odds of the upcoming fights. Looking at the Bodog Fight site I noticed something very wrong with this picture:

Then I read this chucklehead's UFC 74 betting preview and definitely knew I had to bet on Pellegrino.

Neither fighter is particularly adept on his feet, so expect this fight to hit the ground pretty fast. No matter who has the top position, Stevenson, aggressive as he is, will be on the offensive for as long as the fight lasts. They really do have practically identical styles, but Stevenson is flat-out better at every aspect of MMA. He's bigger, stronger, and more aggressive. I can't see Pellegrino winning. I'd be betting on Joe even if the line was around -400.
Of course if I was really savvy I'd write a post talking up Stevenson and saying the odds should be -800 and I'd still bet on Joe "Daddy" then all Luke's naive readers would storm BoDog and further inflate the odds, I'd mortgage my house and bet it all on Batman and I'd be rich.