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Koscheck Talks Smack

From the UFC Mania interview, some gems from the ever classy Kos:

UFCmania: It was later revealed that he had a serious staph infection going into the fight. Is that an excuse or do you feel you beat the "real" Diego at 100 percent that night?

Josh Koscheck: Well, everyone always has excuses when they lose fights. Just look at Georges St. Pierre - he made all those retarded excuses about not training right and all of the other stuff when he lost to Matt Serra. If you lose it's time to man-up, admit it and take responsibility for your loss. You didn't win that day - too bad. Don't make excuses about it.

UFCmania: What was the thinking behind the "no heart/weak chin" comment? Is that just fight hype or do you really believe that?

Josh Koscheck: If you need a sports psychologist you definitely have some loose screws. And I think that Georges doesn't have the heart that he thinks he does. He relies a lot on his athletic ability to get him out of trouble and make up for what he lacks in terms of heart. I'm definitely going to test his heart. Don't get me wrong, Georges St. Pierre is a nice guy, but fuck, I'm a nice guy, too. I want to whoop his ass. It's business -- this is my career and my livelihood on the line. I'm trying to hurt that fool.

I'm really looking forward to seeing St. Pierre put the hurt on this creep.

But I do agree with Kos about one guy, Matt Hughes:

UFCmania: If you could only fight one more time -- forever -- and you could fight anybody in the world of MMA, past or present, who would you like to fight?

Josh Koscheck: I'd like to shut Matt Hughes up. Now you've got me thinking about him (laughs). I mean me and Hughes have been cool but he's always been arrogant and cocky. People who think I'm arrogant and cocky have to look at Matt Hughes -- he's ten times worse.

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