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Inside the Cage Radio and Some Good News

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Good news first: Wednesday is my last day here at my job.  Mercifully my new hours and work/life balance will be much better going forward.

Bad news: they're going to kill me here until I leave.  I'm busy as all hell today, so while I can post a little, don't expect an avalanche.

But good news again: I was a guest on Matt Cava's and Sam Caplan's Inside the Cage Radio show.  Let me say this is one of the most professional radio shows I've done in some time.  Well organized, well-timed, good communication, great hosting, and smart, timely topics.  I want to publicly thank both gentlemen for having me on.  It was a lot of fun and no matter who is right in their predictions come Saturday, I have tremendous respect for their viewpoints and analysis.

So download the show here.  Sam's breakdown of the show here:

Here are some of the key topics that were addressed during the show:
  • Now that Wanderlei Silva is signed, what's next for him?
  • Who should Brandon Vera fight in his first match back?
  • If Randy Couture loses, will UFC 74 be the last time we see him in the Octagon?
  • Does Josh Koscheck have a shot at upsetting GSP?
  • Does Kendall Grove vs. Patrick Cote belong on the main card?
  • Whether or not Frank Mir's match vs. Antoni Hardonk is a must-win situation for Mir
  • Does Clay Guida have what it takes to upset Marcus Aurelio?
  • And much, much more!