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More Doubts About GSP

Steve Seivert says GSP's made the right adjustments, but that his "gut feeling" tells him Kos will take the win.  He could be right.  We'll find out soon enough.

But this statement is downright strange:

That, coupled with the fact that GSP has had some trouble with guys who are solid on the ground (see the first Hughes fight and the battle with Penn), has me leaning Koscheck in this one.

Well, yeah.  For starters, he beat both of those guys.  Second, is there any fighter in the known universe who doesn't have problems with those guys on the ground?  Fedor has had "problems" with guys who "kick" and "punch" yet he still manages to get the win.

If you want to call this fight for Kos because GSP's head isn't screwed on tight enough, that's fair game.  But suggesting GSP won't be able to handle Josh Koshcheck on the ground because Matt Hughes and BJ Penn didn't get steamrolled by him seems more than a little off base.