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Joe Doerksen

The man's got a great strategy going into his fight this weekend:

Doerksen is an awkward opponent, an experienced black belt in jiu-jitsu who has been around the block.

He's smart enough to know that Filho, also a black belt, is the real deal. But he believes he has the tools to contain the Brazilian.

"A good strategy would be to obviously keep out of underneath him, don't let him get on top," he explained. "I think that his standup game is probably where he's going to be least comfortable. I think it just makes sense to kind of try to keep it there as much as possible.

"I'm not going to panic if it goes to the ground," he added. "I think my ground game's good enough that, at the worst, I can survive, hold him off, get back up and hit him again."

But a submission might be too much to ask for.

"The guy's got a really thick muscular body, I don't think it's going to be that easy to catch him with a submission. But if I can put him on his back, I'm definitely going to look to punch him out."

Doerksen is tough, a gutsy veteran, and thoroughly underrated.  The problem, however, is that he can sometimes come up short against elite opponents.  In that way he reminds me of a middleweight Chris Lytle.  Former PRIDE fighters who were thought to be invincible have shown their mortality recently, so maybe Filho isn't as good as we think he is.  Moreover, Doerksen is good enough to KO Filho.  And while his strategy for this fight is on the money, creating the appropriate gameplan and actually executing it are two very different things.