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The Problem With Paulo Filho

Steve Sievert nails it:

It will be interesting to see how American fans take to Filho's brand of fighting. With all due respect to the Johnny-come-recently fans to MMA, they tend to be a wham-bam-slam kind of crowd. As more seasoned, educated fans have seen all too often recently, anything less than one haymaker after another can elicit a chorus of boos in a hurry from neophyte fans. God forbid a fight goes to the ground.

Filho is a thinking man's fighter, who is much more likely to grind out a decisive decision victory on the mat than he is to wind up on the KO highlight reel.

I've heard elite level black belts talk about how excited they are to see Filho competing here in America.  But that's precisely the problem: Filho is a beast, but his style is almost the antithesis of what's considered the optimal way to fight in America.  Filho does have considerable boxing skills, but he's considerably shorter than Doerksen (5'8" to 6'0").  This will be a match of takedowns and top control.  It's also important to keep in mind that Doerkson - while not on Filho's grappling level - is excellent on the ground as well.  Their fight will be highly technical, so for those in the know, expect to be entertained.  The rest of America, I'm afraid, is going to ask what the big deal is.

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