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Renzo Gracie Pushes The Team Concept

A journalist explains:

Finally, the training session was over after two hours of hard-core MMA. I was shaking with adrenaline, but had a much better understanding of why a team concept works for individuals.

Renzo explained: "You know, I always saw this sport as an individual sport, but I never realized I was always part of a team, Team Gracie, my brothers and my cousins. Training is easier with a team. The team format definitely makes a better fighter, your team pushes you forward, everybody on the same page, same direction."

He said that the moment you want to relax a little, the team pushes you to work harder.

And there are numerous other benefits to being on a team.  For example, it helps when the entire team cuts weight together as opposed to doing it by yourself.  Or, it's good for training purposes when the entire team competes on the same night.

But what does this have to do with the fan?

The best arguments for the team concept inevitably find their focus by emphasizing the utility the arrangement provides for the team.  What they don't spell out is how the customer's MMA viewing experience is somehow improved.

Invariably, the fans need something to hold onto.  Something to connect with.  Contrived teams with of no real cohesion or significance - even though they may benefit the fighter's training and lifestyle - will simply not do the trick.

Next, please.