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Hyping UFC 74

With less than a week to go to the next UFC, they've unleashed the media dogs, every fighter seems to be doing press to highlight the event. But there are also lots of armchair warriors posting their analysis:

Randy Couture Training Video ESPN

Couture in for a Long Night Eagle Tribune

Gabriel Gonzaga: Rocketing to the Top Boston Herald

More thoughts on Koscheck vs. GSP Five Ounces of Pain

Testing GSP's Mental Game Slam Sports

Rush to Judgement Yahoo! Sports

Cote Talks Grove Sherdog

Kendall Grove Taking Steps Up the Ladder MMA Weekly

Key Quote, when asked about challenging Silva for the Middleweight belt:

"Right now, I feel that I'm not ready for Anderson. To jump in there right now with him, I just feel he'll destroy me. Give me a year, maybe a year and a half to better my skills and I'll jump in there with him.

Roger Huerta "Ready for War" MMA Weekly

Alberto Crane Talks UFC Debut MMA Weekly

UFC Mania pulls the key quotes from Huerta and Crane

Here's a vid of Crane fighting.

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