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I Saw This Fight Live

Kennard, Louisiana, March 13, 1998. We drove all day from Austin, Texas. Stayed in a skanky skanky ass motel (the hookers in the room next door didn't seem to mind it), got absolutely blitzed and then saw the following: Frank Shamrock defends his belt against the feared and undefeated Russian Igor Zinoviev

411 Mania has a nice review of the video. There were several decent fights that night including Kimo vs Tsuyoshi Kosaka, Mikey Burnette vs Eugenio Tadeu, and Jerry Bohlander vs Kevin Jackson. This is also the fight card where I developed my undying burning hatred for Pat Militech after he won the lightweight tourny by cutting weight to come in 25lbs bigger than everyone else and then used a wicked mix of the sprawlNstall and the layNpray to decision his way to the title.