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Why Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Denis Kang Is a Bad Idea

Zach Arnold, per usual, nails it:

I've covered a lot of scandals over the years in regards to activity in the Japanese fight business. Every time there's been a scandal or a death in Japan, it has negatively impacted the business. They don't cripple the business, but they sure impact it one way or another.

Which brings me to the idea that we could possibly see an actual death take place in the ring with someone of the calibur like Kazushi Sakuraba on live free-to-air national Japanese television against a fighter like Denis Kang on 9/17 at Yokohama Arena. Absolutely unconscionable. If Sakuraba gets crippled or maimed on national TV in Japan against a very dangerous fighter like Denis Kang, that could cripple the Japanese fight industry as we know it. As the business in Japan currently stands, K-1 has not capitalized on PRIDE's absence from the marketplace. If something was to happen to K-1 and their television deal(s), it would be devastating to the Japanese fight industry. A lot of people would be out of jobs. Which is why I find it unfathomable that Tanigawa and crew at K-1 would actually book Kang vs. Sakuraba. We'll see.

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