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From a Javno piece on Cro Cop:

We feel sorry for Frenchman Kongo, he got in the way, and we can say with certainty, in the wrong time. He crawled into some hole, there are no spectacular statements, he is working and keeping quiet. He is preparing for London and is aware that Mirko is eager and can hardly wait for a new fight in order to correct the poor April day.

Also some interesting tidbits about Gonzaga's state before the Cro Cop fight:

"I cried at practices before the fight against Mirko."

He admitted that much. But, the Manchester story, the one which I have heard is even more interesting. Gonzaga showed up on torn jeans and odd tennis shoes to say the least. Not because of fashion.

He was on the verge of bankruptcy; this was a fight for all or nothing. This is how he entered the match, as if this was his last chance in life- a member of Mirko`s team told me, who wanted to remain anonymous.