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Why Kyle Maynard Should Fight

Kirik Jenness, founder and President of the legendary, makes the case:

Seriously though, there are three factors here, Kyle Maynard, his opponent, and the GA ammy rules.

First, to me this isn't a handicapped issue. It is a Kyle Maynard issue. I have stopped people from competing for something as trivial as ringworm (A LOT of ringworm) and allowed someone to compete with previous head surgery that necessitates wearing a protective helmet. I have watched a one legged Novice in the Golden Gloves beat the stew out of everyone else (he was really big). I have watched a woman with no arms in diving at YMCA nationals. This isn't a case about whether handicapped people should be able to compete. This is about Kyle Maynard, and whether he can compete in this event.

He can. I don't know whether he will win or not, it's math - half the people win every fight, and half lose. That is why you have the fight. But I do know he can be competitive. I was in the next ring in the clip above; the guy can grapple just fine. Has a very solid folkstyle record. Is smart and well trained. He would not get killed, by any means. Wish his opponent luck, Kyle won't need it.

Second, this is not Vale Tudo rules, it is Georgia Amateur rules, with no face kicks ever, no face punches on the ground, large gloves, lot of other things. I reffed 14 matches in a row two weeks ago with these new rules, and so have some familiarity with them. The only bloodshed in the entire card was during the grappling superfight that opened the card. Some posts above make reference to Kyle being hurt; guys, Kyle is a freakin wrestler, he is tough. He is not going to get hospitalized by this, at all.

Third thing people worry about is the opponent, and how he can't win, etc. Not to be rude, but Kyle disability is not a hidden secret. The opponent will know the score. Not sure why the guy needs protecting, unannounced, from what? The opponent will be 18 or older, and will know his opponent. Let the guy's mom worry about him.

This is a sport. These rules are very safe. Kyle is tough and skilled. Opponent will know what time it is.

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