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The Monster vs. The Huntington Beach Bad Boy

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I caught this over at NOKAUT:  While you were on the USO Tour, I spoke with Kevin Randleman. Apparently there is some tension between the two of you that hasn't been out in the public before. (story)

Tito Ortiz:  The last time I talked to Kevin he was saying how good of a fighter I was and how much he respects me for all that I am doing for other fighters.  Kevin's exact quote was "I would kick Tito's ass".

Tito Ortiz:  Why would he want to fight me?  He doesn't want to get knocked out.  Kevin is a good guy and is just looking for a fight.  Everybody wants to fight me so they can be a superstar.  Kevin is just upset that he didn't stick with the UFC and went over to PRIDE where he lost a couple of matches and got his ass handed to him.  I respect Kevin and he is just trying to get into the game again.

Anyone know what this is about?