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Elite XC: Industry Leader?

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According to Mark Pickering of MMA Madness, it's certainly possible:

Pro Elite's proactive nature has allowed EliteXC to recruit some of sports finest free agents; become the first MMA promotion to air live fights on a premium cable network in the US; foster multi-promotional alliances; unveil a feeder league; and position itself on the verge of purchasing three of the sport's most heralded yet relatively unknown organisations, all inside its first year of operation.

Individually these are no mean feats, but collectively within such a short timeframe it is material for a rather imposing resume.

The organisation also has a reality TV show in the pipeline, courtesy of famed producer Mark Burnett. Burnett achieved instant notoriety after introducing the reality TV concept to the American market, and is best known as the creator of smash hits `Survivor' and `The Apprentice', although his most pertinent work is ESPN's `The Contender' series.

I think the real litmus test is whether or not Pro Elite can sign away an "in-his-prime", marquee UFC fighter from Dana White.  White's always said no one's ever been able to do it.  I don't think any of the aforementioned will accomplish that goal, but it will give up-and-comers a lot more reason to weigh their options than automatically seeking refuge in the arms of Zuffa.