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Sam Caplan on Dana White's "Media and Steroid" Comments

Sam catches White being selective when it comes to the UFC bossman cracking the whip.  Notable quote:

I felt Dana came off real well in his recent ESPN interview where he said he was going to "bitch slap" guys that tested positive but I can't help but feel he took a step backward with these recent comments. Anytime you sound lax when it comes to drug use then it's going to read poorly. Dana is very protective of the UFC's image when it comes to so many other crimes a fighter can commit (missing weight, senseless street fighting, or pulling a Noah Inhofer) but comes across real wishy-washy in my opinion on drug use, which is the biggest threat to the UFC's continued prosperity.

This is the sort of analysis you call "100% on the money."  My less-than-on-the-money take here.

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