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Advice for Finkelstein

ProphetFighting has some sage words for the man in charge of Fedor's next career move:

At this point, Finkelstein's line about negotiating with "a number of organizations" simply isn't true and probably never was. The only three organizations that can realistically afford Fedor and that he'd want to fight for are Zuffa/UFC and the K-1/Heroes group. Calvin Ayre's BoDog Fight could afford him, but the recent rancor between Fedor's people and Ayre's people notwithstanding they just don't offer a level of competition worthy of the consensus top heavyweight in the world. Neither Finkelstein or Fedor have called me for input, but IMO the UFC offer is the way to go-even with restrictions. The level of competition is better, the money is better and the Zuffa promotional machine can make Fedor into a huge star here in the US. Should he want to keep fighting at the end of his contract he'd be in a much better negotiating position. K-1/Heroes could offer him similar money and a decent level of competition but simply can't make him a household name in the US the way that Zuffa can.

Unofficially speaking on behalf of every North American MMA fan I'll say, "Sign on the Zuffa dotted line, already, will ya?"