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Sam, You Ignorant Slut

Sam Caplan over at Five Ounces of Pain has really lost it. He's picking Josh Koscheck over Georges St. Pierre!

The key in this fight won't be whether Koscheck can execute a shot and take GSP down. The key will be how much his ground and pound has improved. Once he gets GSP on the ground he needs to get to work. Working submissions will be tough because Koscheck hasn't been taking Jiu-Jitsu long enough to tap out an experienced grappler like GSP. But if he can throw strikes from inside the guard then it will help him break guard and move into the mount.

He'll not only score points, but he'll break St. Pierre.

Ridiculous. Remember Frank Trigg? Matt Hughes? Those guys might not be quite the wrestlers that Kos is but neither of them even came close against GSP. Koscheck won't either. GSP is too athletic and his wrestling is too strong. Koschek will be the one on his back eating elbows.

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