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Kang on Marcus Aurelio

Watch out Clay Guida, they're throwing you to the big bad wolf, from yesterday's interview with middleweight badass Denis Kang: Have you been helping prepare Marcus Aurelio for his fight coming up at UFC 74?

Denis Kang: Everyday man, everyday. I'm actually on my way to do that now. I spoke with Marcus about a week or two ago and he seemed confident, how has been looking in training?

Denis Kang: I'll tell you man, when this guy is motivated and training hard, nobody can stop him. His ground game is sick. I don't even think I've ever scored a point against him doing jiu-jitsu. I think he brings a whole new jiu-jitsu technique and when he gets in there you are going to see the real jiu-jitsu from Brazil, tight positioning, real sick submissions. We are always working on his ground and pound so he can take advantage of elbows against the cage.