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Ken Pavia Asks A Great Question

The MMA super agent poses the following query:

I had a sponsor approach me and ask about putting a team together, providing housing in a great area with a reat climate, paying bills, and providing world class trainers. He wants to make it like the fighters have a responsibility as if they were playing for a sports team.

He asks for a three year commitment, the ability to release and replace for poor performance or conduct detrimental, and in return take a portion of the purses. His vison is to build HWs, 205ers and maybe an elite 185ers, but focus on the big guys.

With my connection I could get them great training partners and all the fights they needed.

How appealing would this be? Would guys drop everything to take advantage of the "MMA Grad School" fully paid scholorship if he had tryouts?

The answer, in a word, is money.  Athletes in other sports align themselves in similar partnerships routinely.  Aside from the obvious examples like football or basketball, less traditional sports such as NASCAR do the same.  There is safety in numbers and when a corporation or sponsor has enough money to bring the best together for mutual benefit, good things tend to happen.  Whether this format can work in MMA is a separate discussion, but given the right amount of money and someone who can cobble together a team of fighters able to get along and work together well, the idea seems good on the surface.