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Happy YouTube July the 4th

Damn I love Youtube. There are apparently hundreds of ordindary dudes out there who feel compelled to fire up the web cam and hold forth with their UFC picks and commentary then post them on YouTube.

These videos tend to be poorly produced, the analysis is mostly bad, the predictions are generally flat wrong, but I still find them more enjoyable than the spike TV UFC preview shows with all their prepackaged lameness and corporate hype. YouTube is the pulse of the nation.

These guys are my favorites. They're not especially insightful and the videos aren't well made but for some reason I find them fascinating. You can't question that they're true fans and they're calling 'em like they see 'em.

Unfortunately the ten minute time limit catches them unawares so they don't get to finish their picks so we'll have to be on the lookout for part 2.

Here's another fave that triggered about a dozen videos in response. Fairly insightful commentary, but the part where his dog comes in and he stops to talk to the dog is a hoot.