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Kickboxing vs. MMA

That's the angle Chuck Norris's Word Combat League is using to market themselves:

"We're a long-term player on the mixed-martial arts landscape," said WCL founder and martial arts legend Chuck Norris. "The WCL has been a 35-year dream of mine, and to see how quickly it was embraced by both fans and television sponsors surprised even me. There is a hunger out there for team mixed-martial arts that put skill and athleticism ahead of hype and brutality. It's a stand up combat sport. We are doing what the spectators want, 'Knock outs not tap outs.' That's the WCL's approach. It's a long term strategy that we believe will keep this sport strong and vibrant long after sensationalism ceases to create headlines."

Emphasis added.

It's sad they're marketing the knockout as superior to the submission.  The good news is no one is buying what they're selling.  A style of fighting manufactured to produce knockouts is not a viable product.  Just watch a few episodes of the WCL's fights on Versus for further confirmation.