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My Jeremy Williams Article In Real Fighter Magazine

ON NEWSSTANDS NOW: "A Name Not Writ In Water" in Real Fighter Magazine.

In the latest issue (the one with Denis Kang on the cover, not Brandon Vera) is my tribute to former IFL Condor Jeremy Williams.  All of those who knew him best were interviewed: Debi Purcell, Erik Apple, Justin Levens, Adam Lynn and more.

Give it a read and of course, send feedback.

One note: this was a very strange article for me to write.  For starters, Jeremy and I spoke on the phone, but I was never able to finish my interview with him because he took his own life before that could happen.  Second, I lost my my mother to suicide almost four years ago.  

Now, the two incidents are no in no way connected.  People kill themselves for any number of reasons literally every day of the week.  But to suffer the loss of my mother the way I did put me in touch with the mindset and universe of pain and suffering of those struggling with deep depression.

I don't want to take the focus of this article away from where it should be.  This is a story about Jeremy Williams and no one else.  But I'd be lying if I didn't admit it was therapeutic for me to write this article.  It was a way for me to turn a corner in my battle to overcome that loss.  All I can say is I'm glad I had the opportunity to write it.