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Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck

Is GSP the better wrestler?  Notable quote:

I'm not sure if Otto Olsen is a recognizable name to most of you, but he came on the scene in ADCC in 2003. He won all of his three first matches and lost only to Marcelo Garcia, you can find the match on YouTube. He wrestled for Michigan in college and became the top ranked 174 pound wrester.

Now how does this relate to GSP and Kos? Well who did Otto Olsen beat to become the number one ranked 174 pound wrester? You guessed it: Koscheck. You can read about it here if you need a source:

Ok, so how does GSP fall into this? Well GSP actually defeated Otto Olsen in a submission grappling match! Thats right, ADCC runner-up and NCAA champion wrestler Otto Olsen lost to GSP during ADCC 2005 ( And its not like GSP won with a quick submission or "caught" Olsen, he grinded out a decision, usually the route taken by the better wrestler.

The more I think about it, the more I believe this fight's going to look a lot like GSP vs. Jay Hieron.