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Handicapped MMA

An interesting question: do they severely disabled have a right to compete in MMA?  And even if they have the right, is it actually a good idea?  Professional MMA fighter Matt Masterson weighs in:

OK... I understand why a promoter would be tempted to put this kid on and I think that Kyle Maynard's right to whatever he wants with his body should not be infringed upon.

But that doesn't stop this from being pretty fucked up.

Learning how to open jars, type on a keyboard, and crawl up the stairs is one thing... but to break a grown man in a professional MMA fight is quite another. Sure he wrestled in high school, but that was at 103lbs against underclassmen that didn't want to be in there and were probably haunted by the experience.

And at the end of the day, the guy just doesn't have any arms or legs.