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The Return of MMA Madness

Dear Bloody Elbow readers,

I am a writer for a new mixed martial arts website called MMA Madness (

I hope that you'll visit our site and forward this email to your family and friends who may be interested in the sport.

MMA Madness ( includes:

MMA Insight: articles written about the sport by a professional and international staff of knowledgeable journalists (including me)

MMA Fantasy: similar to fantasy football, you can create camps and leagues and points are determined by real fights.  A league winner gets a free MMA Madness ( ) t-shirt and the highest scoring fantasy camp owner each month will win a game console!

MMA Fighters and MMA Events: a compilation of fighters and events throughout the history of mixed martial arts; complete with fight history, fight results, win-loss records, biographies, and much more!

MMA Store: naturally, you'll want to buy several of our cool MMA Madness ( t-shirts.

MMA Forum: a chat area to discuss the sport, fighters, events and anything else related to MMA!
...and if you sign up for an account, you'll have personalized content delivery to your own MMA Madness ( home page!  You tell us your favorite fighters and leagues and a little about yourself and you'll be notified of articles about your selected favorites and even fight events which may be taking place just down the road from you!  Don't search through dozens of websites to get this information, have the information delivered to you!

We're very proud of our website and we thank you for stopping by and spreading the word to other MMA fans!