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Wrestlers and MMA

The striking in MMA may be a little subpar from time to time, but that's because most of the athletes that make their way into the sport come from grappling backgrounds. As MMA continues to gain ground in North America, amateur wrestlers looking for a professional outlet will also continue to infiltrate the sport.  And they'll dominate when they get here:

With a flurry of punches, a subsequent takedown and eventually a tap-out, former OSU wrestler Jake Rosholt came away with his first mixed martial arts victory.

Rosholt, a three-time National Champion and four-time All-American while at OSU, had only been training for three months when he went into his first fight. But that didn't stop him from destroying his opponent in the one­ -- and only -- round of the fight.

Rosholt fights for Team Takedown, a management company that has a motto of "turning great wrestlers into ultimate fighters." Apparently, they're doing just that.

There's another famous Cowboy who fights for the UFC: Randy Couture.