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7 - 0 @ 145lbs.

I didn't realize it until now: Jens Pulver is undefeated at featherweight.  No wonder he wants to move down in weightclass:

MWF: There's a lot of talk on the internet these days about your WEC debut vs. Cub Swanson. What do you know about your opponent?
Pulver: You know, I'm gonna leave it at no right now. I might, I might not; the thing is, I know everything about him, I know he's extremely tough, but I'm just happy to be at 145 right now. They're all tough, and I know that coming into it. The reality is that's my weight, I walk around right now at 153, ready to go! I wanna show people why I'm 7 and 0 at 145.
Emphasis mine.