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The Mental Preparation of Georges St. Pierre

In an interview with 15Rounds, Georges St. Pierre is remarkably candid in his assessment of the importance of his fight with Josh Koscheck.  Notable quote:

GH: What did you think of Koscheck's performance vs. Diego Sanchez?

GSP: He fought a very intelligent fight. He's an intelligent fighter. He has a great camp. It's a great challenge. It may be the toughest fight of my life, but I'm in great shape for it. Mentally, physically - I have no issues. Everything is going well in my life.

GSP is stretching a) how important this fight is to his career and b) by extension, how dangerous an opponent Koscheck is.  This fight is tremendously important and while a loss here would be devastating, BJ Penn has begun to turn things around after back to back losses.  When your pedigree is that high, Dana White is ultimately a little more forgiving.

With respect to Koscheck, there's no doubt the division I wrestling standout poses a huge challenge.  But looking at the roster of fighters GSP has clobbered, Koscheck is nowhere near the top.  Yet, can't the same have been said about Matt Serra?  Yes, but here's the difference: GSP might actually believe Koscheck is supremely dangerous and will therefore train accordingly.  GSP's problem has never been talent.  His albatross is mental preparation and strength.  His in-Octagon performance is almost solely dictated by his mental state.

So for him to sound so motivated, so pumped, so ready for redemption tells me he's going to give Koscheck everything he can handle and then some.  Koscheck's wrestling will play a role, but as GSP said before his match with Jay Hieron, "He's a better wrestler than me, but this ia vale tudo match and I'm a better vale tudo guy."  Or something to that effect.