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Quote of the Day

"1st..... Lindland can not an would never be able to beat Hendo, eva, eva, eva!!!!!

2nd....You have Silva ahead of Henderson who has pretty much beat everyone from 185lbs to Heavywieght yet Silva was tooled/lost to guys smaller than him at 185lbs. Im a lil confused???

I also think given Gomi's last couple performances he's not exactly p4p a top ten guy anymore. He had that loss to Aurelio an Diaz which i think would take him out of the top ten. Not by much but it should. Kid should be higher up given his only loss in MMA is due to a fluke cut an he's fought every tough guy in his area along with Kickboxing as well. Fedor is without a doubt #1 until proven otherwise.

As for the Law....he just loss an he loss to Rampage plus he's gonna lose his next fight to Prangley (I admit im a lil bias in that last comment) so how the fuck could he be in the top ten???"

-- Josh "The Punk" Thomson on Matt Lindland and the sport's middleweight division