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Testing For Steroids In Mixed Martial Arts

The IFL gets in on the craze:

The most interesting news that came from Kurt Otto is his soon-to-be-announcement of the new steroid policy that will be instituted in 2008. "In '08, we are going to start testing," Otto said. "Fortunately, we haven't had an issue. In '08, we are implementing a pretty cool system, that will be enforced. It's pretty cool."

While the details are sketchy, the steroid policy will probably be a little more on the extreme side. Otto didn't allow any specific details, but he did explain the basics. "I'm going to be announcing the full program and how it's gonna work. It's something we're gonna be taking extremely serious. It's no fooling around. It's pretty much zero tolerance."

Zero tolerance?  I cannot imagine that's going to work.