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A Message for Zach Arnold

Zach Arnold over at Fight Opinion fisks yesterday's Any Given Saturday audio here.  Zach is apparently none too pleased with what he perceives as me mischaracterizing and misrepresenting his points while also slandering him personally.  The audio is here.

Let me say this to Zach: never once was it my intention to do any wrong by you.  Never.  My entire goal of that show was to tell people - fans, journalists, bloggers, whoever - to take a step back from this steroid scandal in MMA and take a deep breath.  I personally don't think insulting fighters or Dana White or the UFC is really justified here.  I particularly believe that some of the outrage here is also a tad manufactured.  

But I don't think Zach Arnold is "guilty" of anything other than having his usual, well-researched opinion.  That's it.  I'm not accusing him of insulting anyone or being negligent in any kind of way.  If I gave the impression that I was conflating the two - e.g., the idea that people are insulting fighters and that Zach Arnold is one of those people - that is my error and my error alone.

So Zach, I'd like to patch things up.  I'm willing to issue a formal apology, either in print or on the radio.  I've already sent you an email as well.  Tell me what you'd like to do.