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Phil Baroni

Is a warrior.  Hard. Core. Warrior.  Fresh off the heels of a decisive defeat yet noble performance, Baroni lets it be known he's as much N.Y.B.A. as ever.   Notable quote:

((In the new wrestlingobserver, Dave Meltzer says that in a new interview Dana admitted that watching Frank beat Baroni was "painful". He also says he'd like to sign Frank to a two fight deal where he'd fight Rich Franklin, then Anderson Silva next. ))

((He said Franklin would "knock his head off his shoulders" and then Silva would "kill him". ))

I dont think so.

And I like my chances against either one.

((Dana admitted that watching Frank beat Baroni was "painful". ))

What was so bad to watch? I had my moments in the fight. I walked out of cage on my own power. Unlike my opponent.

Anderson Silva, Franklin was painful to watch.

I could name a few more that were more painful recently but I wont go there.

Franklin should have to fight me inorder to get a shot at Frank.

Its all good in the hood. Every dog has his day. Ill keep fighting like one until I get mine.


Phil B