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Erin Toughill and Tara LaRosa

Female professional MMA fighter Erin Toughill doesn't like female professional MMA fighter Tara LaRosa.  Luckily for these two, they're able to air their grievances in a public forum for everyone to see.  If you're a pro member of the UnderGround, you can read all the juicy details here.  Sneak peak (first from Erin, then Tara):

I have recently retired, but will be more than happy to come out of retirement to shut you up. If you weren't bashing Shelby Walker, you were bashing Debbi Purcell or other people for liking Gina me?

Have your managment and BoDog set up this fight you've been "dying to have". If you really wanna fight me, please do so. You seem to live your life on here so I am sure you'll read this soon. Try spending more time being positive and trying to help this sport instead of bashing every fighter who is better looking than you. You're quite pathetic, really.

Trust me, I'm not an Erin Toughill fan. You had to make this thread right now, because I have gained a lot of momentum going into this title fight, and you wanted to try to knock me back down. Don't blame me, blame Bodog, they're the ones doing the marketing. I never asked for a title shot/belt or a kewl promo.

That's a great highlight clip, it shows how you've made a career off of fighting girls much smaller than you. I don't understand how sexy pix translate to in-ring skills though.

Maybe you should just retire your mouth.